A custom stair nosing is generally used at the heads of stairs or around stairwell openings. It functions as a smooth transition between the top of the stair (or drywall, if it surrounds a stairwell opening) and hardwood flooring.

On the stair side, the profile is identical to that of the treads below it, so it simulates the top tread of the stair, but at floor level. On the hardwood floor side, being the same thickness as the flooring, the nosing allows for a flush transition to solid hardwood. If the flooring is a click type laminate or floating floor, then we’ll make it overlap the flooring, yet, still be wide enough to accommodate the handrail installation. An overlap provides an expansion space below the top of the nosing that allows the flooring to expand and contract (float). Thus, for these types of floors, it will always be slightly higher than the flooring.

We fabricate our nosings in-house using a variety of wood species selected to match either the stair or hardwood flooring (if they are different). With our installation option we apply using construction adhesive and finish the trim and molds underneath so you can be sure of a finished, professional job and appearance!

Whatever type of flooring that you use, Sensational Wood Interiors will manufacture a custom nosing so that your stairs really pop!

Nosing overlapping laminate flooring           Nosing at head of stairs abutting hardwood flooring          Nosing abutted to tile          Nosing abutted to carpeting     Nosing next to drywall          Curved Nosing