Stair Resurfacing

Often, during a renovation, a customer will want to replace their old carpet covered stair with a new hardwood stair. Doing this, however, can often create a lot of collateral damage (such as demolishing finished drywall or walls attached to the stair), which would add to the cost of the project. Sensational Wood Interiors offers another option: custom stair resurfacing of the old stair using our solid hardwood tread covers.

We manufacture solid hardwood tread covers (we do not use hardwood flooring) for your stair, then, using these and hardwood veneered plywoods in the wood of your choosing, we overlay the entire stair. The resurfaced appearance is that of a hardwood stair, complete with mitred tread returns and scotia moulds.

Why Resurface?

‘Resurfacing’ simply means overlaying a new hardwood surface to your existing staircase. The existing stair, being structurally secure, remains in place and provides support while the resurfacing is a façade that gives the outward appearance of a hardwood stair.

There are several benefits to resurfacing versus replacing the entire stair. Any walls or drywall attached to the stair can remain and do not have to be replaced. Any footprint in the tile or hardwood flooring at the bottom will not change and, equally important, the existing handrail can be reused. Because resurfacing requires less demolition in your home, then overall, the cost of the finished product is often lower than it would be to replace the staircase.

Why Sensational Stairs?

We have been doing resurfacing work for over fifteen years and, over this time, we have developed our processes and techniques, for both manufacturing and installation. This allows us to provide joints with a high degree of fit. Simply put, the better the joints fit, the harder it is to tell that it is a resurfacing rather than a stair replacement.

Plus, because Sensational Stairs manufactures our own stair components and moulds, we can resurface using many different wood species (eg. Red oak, hard maple, cherry, ash) to bring a custom feel to your home based upon your preferences and not limited by pre-fab product lines.

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Stair Resurfacing Before          Stair Resurfacing After           Straight oak stair resurfacing using existing railing            Winder oak stair resurfacing with volute

Transform your existing staircase into a hardwood masterpiece!