Designing your Custom Handrails

When designing your custom handrails, Building Code considerations provide a framework dictating elements such as the placement of newel posts, spindle spacing and rail heights. The rest of the design, however, is aesthetic and becomes entirely your choice. The choice of newel post style, top rail and balusters is a personal one and completely customizable to your tastes. You can see samples of our different products to help you to visualize how they will appear in your staircase and we will assist you in selecting the handrail system that is right for you. From contemporary square posts and balusters to the more ornate box newels and metal balusters, we offer a wide range of custom choices to suit every need.

Our Custom Handrails will provide the finishing touch to your staircase. Features such as volutes, risers, stair nosings, and ‘post to post’ or ‘over the top’ rail systems add personality to a staircase, enhancing its overall character.

Volute to a riser to 'Over the Top' custom handrails          'Over the Top' & wall mounted custom handrails          'Post to Post' custom handrails

Top Rail

The top rail is the horizontal piece that connects the balusters and newel posts that you hold for support. Various top profile custom handrails are available in hardwood for staining.

 Top Rail Profile Custom Handrails


A baluster or spindle is the closely spaced vertical support for the top rail of the handrail. Balusters and newels add features to enhance your staircase design. We have numerous types of balusters and newels to complement your stairs in both wood and metal to suit your staircase design. The chamfered style are the same as the square but have a stop chamfer on the edges along part of the length of the baluster or newel.

Wood Balusters

Wood balusters are available in hardwood for staining, or pre-primed white for painting.

Traditional Style Balusters and Newel         Elgin Style Balusters and Newel       Colonial Style Balusters and Newel                Square Balusters

             Traditional Pre-Primed White, Hardwood Newel & Baluster                                    Elgin Pre-Primed White, Hardwood Newel & Baluster                           Colonial Pre-Primed White, Hardwood Newel & Baluster                              Square Pre-Primed White, Hardwood Square, Chamfered & Square Top Colonial

Metal Balusters

Metal balusters are available in plain bar, plain twist, single or double feature and can be mixed in any combination for the desired look. Combining metal balusters with hardwood newels and rail tops gives your staircase an elegant look to enhance your home.

 Metal Balusters            Metal Base for balusters

Box Newels

The newel post supports the handrail at the top and/or the bottom of a staircase and along balconies. Our box newels are crafted in house and come in various hardwoods and styles, such as, plain, stop chamfered edged and panel. Examples of the turned newels we offer can been seen in the pictures above with each baluster style.

 Hardwood Box Newel with Panel and Skirt  Hardwood Box Newel Clean Faced with Skirt            Hardwood Box Newel with Chamfered Edges